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Copy of Take a breath, take your first s
Copy of Take a breath, take your first s
Copy of Take a breath, take your first s

How it all began

Alyssa Beer has a lengthy history in child welfare where she discovered her passion and drive for helping others.  In 2015 she moved on from 13 years in that world and embarked on her dream of a private mental health practice in an effort to better serve children, families, and individuals in a more intimate and therapeutic environment.  Her business quickly flourished, as she was able to offer unique services due to her background and knowledge base, history of court involvement, and ability to offer clients non-discriminatory services to improve their lives.  In 2017, Alyssa advanced her business to Let's Conquer This, LLC.

Shannon O'Sullivan began in private therapeutic practice in 2012 to provide her clients the quality care they deserved.  This came after she had worked in a community mental health facility and inner city school.  She had realized she had much more to give to the community but was limited by general and standardized agency expectations. 

In 2016, Alyssa and Shannon began to work as seamless colleagues, with each being the sole proprietor of their own practices.  It became apparent early on that each had skills sets to enhance and encourage the other, with the results of this team being the success and enrichment of their clients. 

In 2018, Alyssa and Shannon set out to begin a partnership that grew from a friendship: to co-own Let's Conquer This, LLC and achieve their professional dreams and goals.  Together, both women purchased a building with a joint vision of zen, happiness, and overall wellbeing for those they serve in the community. 

With the drive, vision, and combined skillset of not only Alyssa and Shannon, but also the therapists who practice at our building, we cannot wait to see what the future holds!   

17 Merline Ave

Erie, PA 16509

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